Chemotherapy has been and continues to be an effective way to battle cancer. Though it can be a successful treatment for cancer, it is extremely tough on the body and comes with a number of unwanted side effects. One such side effect is hair loss.

This unwanted side effect may soon occur less and less thanks to DigniCap’s clever invention designed to minimize the side effect of hair loss. The silicon cap that patients wear during chemotherapy treatments has shown that it can slow the hair loss that comes with chemotherapy.

Connected to a monitoring machine that pumps coolant through a network of tubes, the cap sits snugly atop the head and cools the scalp. This cooling effect shrinks blood vessels and minimizes blood flow, which in turn, prevents the chemotherapy chemicals from reaching and killing hair follicles.

The science behind cooling a patient’s head during chemotherapy treatments is not new. But the automated behavior of the DigniCap is the first of its kind providing consistent temperatures ensuring the counter-measures are as effective as possible.

The device has recently been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States following the conclusion of a clinical trial conducted in five different cancer centers throughout the country.

Though the DigniCap isn’t a complete cure-all, the clinical trials saw seven out of ten patients keep nearly half of their hair after undergoing chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer. Researchers stress that the importance of the DigniCap isn’t just that it can prevent total hair loss, the retention of hair has a profound effect on a patient’s morale.

Ask any cancer researcher, doctor, or patient and they will tell you it is a patient’s morale that is most needed during their battle with cancer. For more information on the DigniCap, you can visit their website here.