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Clinical Trial Company in Houston, Texas, Needs Volunteers

Many people across the U.S. suffer from a variety of debilitating conditions. Pharmaceutical companies work to invent new medications to help these people live fuller, longer, more comfortable lives. Clinical trials are an important part of bringing new drugs to market. At Advanced Research Institute, we work with the Food and Drug Administration to conduct clinical research studies to test the effectiveness of new drugs. Would you like to participate in a clinical trial at our Ogden, Utah, facility?

Is It Safe to be in a Clinical Trial?

Pharmaceutical companies spend years testing new drugs in laboratory environments, including on animals such as rats. The companies must submit the results of these test to the FDA. If the FDA deems the drug safe, it clears it for clinical trials.

While no substance is 100% safe and effective for everyone, the drugs in our clinical trials have been vetted carefully by scientists and the federal government.

Conditions Our Clinical Trial Company Runs Studies to Treat

At our clinical trial company, we do testing for drugs to treat a variety of illnesses, many of them gastrointestinal. These include gastroesophageal reflux disease, nonerosive reflux