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Clinical Trials Held in Sandy, Utah

While the medical community has come a long way in treating diseases, conditions and disorders, it still has a long way to go to relieve patients’ suffering. To that end, pharmaceutical companies are constantly working on inventing new drugs to help fight illness and disease. Part of bringing these drugs to market includes running clinical research studies. At Advanced Research Institute, we work alongside the Food and Drug Administration to conduct these clinical trials. We are looking for participants for many of the clinical research studies we are running at our Sandy, Utah, facility.

Is Participating in Clinical Trials Safe?

Pharmaceutical companies spend many years working on new drugs to alleviate pain and suffering. As part of a new drug’s development, it undergoes many laboratory tests, including tests on animals such as rats. The results of these tests are submitted to the FDA, which then decides whether it is safe to perform clinical research on humans.

Although no substance is 100% safe for everyone, the drugs we test at our clinical trial company have been vetted in laboratories and by the federal government.

Conditions Our Clinical Research Company Focuses On

At our clinical research company in Sandy, Utah, we test dr